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[Pastel gore] Final glimpse at life by LuckyMintPop
Mature content
[Pastel gore] Final glimpse at life :iconluckymintpop:LuckyMintPop 8 2
Fairy Trials - Emily by LuckyMintPop Fairy Trials - Emily :iconluckymintpop:LuckyMintPop 21 4 The Yunipoka Type Table by LuckyMintPop The Yunipoka Type Table :iconluckymintpop:LuckyMintPop 12 1 Artworks Pt. 1 by LuckyMintPop Artworks Pt. 1 :iconluckymintpop:LuckyMintPop 21 9 Fairy Trials - Celina by LuckyMintPop Fairy Trials - Celina :iconluckymintpop:LuckyMintPop 23 7 Fairy Trials - Ryder by LuckyMintPop Fairy Trials - Ryder :iconluckymintpop:LuckyMintPop 10 2 Fairy Trials - Lexi by LuckyMintPop Fairy Trials - Lexi :iconluckymintpop:LuckyMintPop 14 3 Fairy Trials - Ollie by LuckyMintPop Fairy Trials - Ollie :iconluckymintpop:LuckyMintPop 14 2 Fairy Trials - Felicity by LuckyMintPop Fairy Trials - Felicity :iconluckymintpop:LuckyMintPop 12 3 Fairy Trials - Perky by LuckyMintPop Fairy Trials - Perky :iconluckymintpop:LuckyMintPop 17 2 Fairy Trials - Ramona by LuckyMintPop Fairy Trials - Ramona :iconluckymintpop:LuckyMintPop 14 5 Valery [PowerPoint/Flash render] by LuckyMintPop Valery [PowerPoint/Flash render] :iconluckymintpop:LuckyMintPop 20 4 cat-eared robot frick by LuckyMintPop cat-eared robot frick :iconluckymintpop:LuckyMintPop 17 4 Florence [PowerPoint/Flash render] by LuckyMintPop Florence [PowerPoint/Flash render] :iconluckymintpop:LuckyMintPop 18 3 Shyamina V3 [PowerPoint/Flash render] by LuckyMintPop Shyamina V3 [PowerPoint/Flash render] :iconluckymintpop:LuckyMintPop 22 8 I eat pA IRS and shit like that. by LuckyMintPop I eat pA IRS and shit like that. :iconluckymintpop:LuckyMintPop 6 1

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Boy have i been stuck with the current cast of AoS... .-.;;
It's a big reason i've been so delayed with it--I came in with little to no plans on how the characters will play out
I'm considering making adjustments to it, as in removing characters that were kind of just thrown in for the heck of it, and figuring out the ones that already have or could have a purpose in the project's a list of what my thoughts are for each character ^-^

--Most likely keeping--
Bullet; Green Perky
Bullet; Green Ollie
Bullet; Green Kaitlyn
Bullet; Green Emily
Bullet; Green Ramona
Bullet; Green Ryder
Bullet; Green Skip
Bullet; Green Felicity
Bullet; Green Morris
Bullet; Green Lexi
Bullet; Green Celina

--Unsure, leaning towards keeping--
Bullet; Yellow Snowflake
Bullet; Yellow Kismet
Bullet; Yellow Star
Bullet; Yellow Heather
Bullet; Yellow Windfall
Bullet; Yellow Jamie
Bullet; Yellow Primrose
Bullet; Yellow Skyler
Bullet; Yellow Lilac

--Unsure, leaning towards removing--
Bullet; Orange Rico
Bullet; Orange Loki
Bullet; Orange Sam
Bullet; Orange Ernest
Bullet; Orange Regal
Bullet; Orange Molten
Bullet; Orange Carrie

--Most likely removing--
Bullet; Red Rylanda
Bullet; Red Alex
Bullet; Red Gerald
Bullet; Red Felix
Bullet; Red Valery

I apologize if your character doesn't make it... from now on, I'm going to try to give every character something to work with, so i won't have to change the cast every time ^^;


[Pastel gore] Final glimpse at life
Featuring a new character, Amber, who is a Marshadow.
Whether or not I will do pastel gore more often, Idunno.

Amber (c) LuckyMintPop
Fairy Trials - Emily
Yep, Emily is still in it. :meow:

Tbh Fairy Trials has been kind of slow in development...there's this one change I'm thinking to make for it, but it'll probably be discussed in a journal later on. Mostly regarding the art-style and all that.

This artwork well be used in as well by the way. Just a heads up if you ever see it get uploaded here again. :p

Emily (c) LuckyMintPop
The Yunipoka Type Table
Choo choo all aboard the concept trainnnn--
I felt inspired to show the Pokémon-types that exist in Yunipoka, and info about them. >w>
(For those who don't know, Yunipoka is the universe--or galaxy--that almost all of my characters live in)
The types each have their own natural advantages/disadvantages, powers, and stereotypes that parts of society would believe about them (that are obviously not always true :p)
If by any chance you want to use this concept for your world, just ask me, and make sure to credit, lol ;w;;

Powers: Use of fire, explosions and burning things.
In nature: Fire-types are more common in volcanic environments, or places where large bodies of fire are or were previously present. Their skin would burn and swell up upon contact with water.
General beliefs: Fire-types are commonly seen as hotheaded and quick to anger. Some even see them as violent and unfriendly.

Powers: Control over and creation of water.
In nature: Water-types are born in or near bodies of water. Every Water-type has the ability to breathe underwater, and can naturally swim exceptionally well.
General beliefs: It believed by many that all Water-types are calm and collected, and sometimes playful.

Powers: Summoning plants, seeds, leaves, and other classes of vegetation.
In nature: Grass-types are incredibly common, and they appear in any place where vegetation is present. Depending on the Pokemon, their blood is green instead of red. Green blood can inflict a variety of more diseases than regular blood. They are healed by water and sunlight.
General beliefs: Grass-types tend to be seen as calm nature-lovers. In terms of combat, they are believed to be weaker than most types.

Powers: No specific powers.
In nature: Normal-types are one of the most common to find, and they have no specific origin. They are not nearly as involved with other types, other than being oblivious to Ghost powers, and are more vulnerable to Fighting-type attacks.
General beliefs: Normal-types are believed to be naturally sweet, pure and generous. By combatants, they are believed to have weak fighting skill, but have above-average health.

Powers: Both bird-like abilities, and manipulation of the air and wind.
In nature: Flying-types are also very common, appearing in many environments, especially among the skies. Flying-types have superior eyesight, and are naturally able to fly very well.
General beliefs: Flying-types are mostly assumed to be brave, valiant, and physically in good shape.

Powers: Injection of venom and use of toxic acids.
In nature: Poison-types are common, and usually found in places where toxic plants or substances are present. They either have venomous fangs or hides, depending on the Pokemon.
General beliefs: Poison-types are thought to have rebellious spirits, and to often be crooks.

Powers: Freezing water and sublimation of water vapor, to form ice crystals and walls.
In nature: Ice-types are mostly found far off in snowy lands or icy caves. They have superior resistance to cold climates, but are more severely affected by intense heat.
General beliefs: It is widely assumed that Ice-types are reclusive due to how far away they live.

Powers: Summoning lightning and jolts of electricity.
In nature: Electric-types are found in a variety of different environments, especially where lightning storms or electric appliances are nearby. They temporarily become more powerful when exposed to electricity. In water, anything that comes near them can get shocked.
General beliefs: Electric-types, mostly aside from the Pikachu line and their likes, are believed to be wild and adventurous, but also troublemakers.

Powers: Controlling and summoning elements of ground at their rock stage.
In nature: Rock-types are very common around mountains, valleys and caves. Their blood is more firm and resistant to physical harm than other types, only below Steel. Their blood also ups their strength.
General beliefs: Rock-types are said to treat each other like brothers and sisters, but to also sometimes be territorial around outside types.

Powers: Controlling and summoning the more sandy or muddy elements of ground.
In nature: Ground-types appear in a variety of places--beaches, valleys, caves, marshes, swamps, etc. They are shown to be resistant to most venoms and toxic substances.
General beliefs: Ground-types are seen as informal, and to not care about how they look or sound to others.

Powers: Superior physical strength and fighting ability.
In nature: Fighting-types are an interesting type with no specific habitat. They have a complex wiring in their muscles that gives them amazing combat capability and strength.
General beliefs: Fighting-types are seen as humble and polite, even in combat, to where they are willing to spare the lives of their opponents.

Powers: Moving objects through use of a strange magic, and modifying the direction/intensity of an object's gravity.
In nature: Force-types are an uncommon type to run into, but they appear in many different environments, especially where magic crystals are formed. Some Force-types have the ability of levitation.
General beliefs: Older Force-types are said to be wise and intelligent, while the younger ones are seen as more naive, unexperienced and reckless.

Powers: The abilities of insects, from spewing strong white silk, to absorbing life energy from organisms.
In nature: Bug-types are incredibly common, especially in forests, bushes, caves and deserts. Depending on the Pokemon, they can climb up walls and ceilings, and winged Bug-types can fly very well.
General beliefs: Bug-types are, of course, often compared to the typical insect, being scared of those bigger than it, or hostile if provoked.

Powers: Violent attacks and use of dark magic.
In nature: Dark-types do not necessarily have a specific habitat, but most are found in dark and shady environments. They have a strange wiring in their brain that disallows their thoughts to be read by Psychic-types. Dark-types are able to see in the dark very clearly.
General beliefs: Dark-types are assumed to be hostile and merciless. They are also seen as loners who don't prefer the company of others.

Powers: Telekinesis--moving things through concentration of the mind.
In nature: Psychic-types are not quite as common as other types, and they have no specific habitat, though for some reason they appear a lot in caves. They can read the minds of others, as well as communicate via telepathy with other Psychic-types. They are able to see in the dark very clearly as well.
General beliefs: Psychic-types are said to be sage and clever, though some find them to be creeps.

Powers: Teleportation, vanishing, and manipulation of shadows and use of dark magic.
In nature: Ghost-types only appear in the dead of night and the depths of caves, or around abandoned structures and cemeteries. Some Ghost-types can make themselves intangible at will, as well as levitate. Ghost-types are able to see in the dark very clearly. Their health fails under sunlight. 
General beliefs: Ghost-types are seen by many as mysterious, but also insane and have paranormal beliefs.

Powers: Use of intense, fiery blue energy deriving from that of dragons.
In nature: Dragon-types are more uncommon than other types, being found in deep caves, or around mountains and valleys. They have an indigo-blue blood, and can withstand great heat.
General beliefs: Dragon-types are believed to be fearless, with warrior-like spirits. They are also seen to have short tempers.

Powers: Controlling and forming strong or sharp metals.
In nature: Steel-types are found in many different places, especially in caves, or places accompanied by metal ores or structures. They have a firmness in their blood and muscle that makes them more resistant to physical harm, even more so than Rock-types. They are shown to be completely immune to venom and toxic substances.
General beliefs: Steel-types are viewed as smart individuals with knowledge of chemical structure and technology. In combat, they are seen as formidable, and the kind to push themselves to the limit.

Powers: Use of an alluring pink energy deriving from fairy-like creatures.
In nature: Fairy-types are very common, appearing in a wide variety of different habitats, especially ones thriving with flowers or items of nature associated with fairies. They are immune to the blue fire of dragons, but have weak blood that makes them vulnerable to poison or disease.
General beliefs: Fairy-types are said to be kind and pure souls that radiate good fortune for others. Though in combat, they are viewed to be very weak up against anything aside from dragons.

Powers: A variety of powers, ranging from rainbow lights and confetti, to cartoon-styled attacks.
In nature: Joker-types are one of the rarer types to encounter, and they have no specific habitat. They are nutorious for their natural ability to escape easily, being resistant to types that draw things towards them.
General beliefs: The younger Joker-types are believed to be kind and forgiving, yet very shy. Though older ones are more seen to not take anything seriously and often muck about.

THE ÉTHERMON (Ethereal-types)
These Pokémon--or Éthermon as they're called--are rarer to come across than even legendaries, through normal circumstances. They have a more complex structure than regular Pokémon, causing them to have a unique variety of weaknesses, resistances and immunities. Some Pokémon can evolve into Éthermon, but the method for that, too, is very complex. Éthermon always have the Ethereal-type, which have their own effectiveness table depending on the Éthermon.

Ink-type (Éthermon-exclusive type)
Powers: Use of thick, black ink that is slippery and capable of obscuring vision.
In nature: Ink-type habitats are still unspecified.

Spore-type (Éthermon-exclusive type)

Powers: Multiplying, and/or spreading crippling diseases.
In nature: Spore-types have a chance to appear in environments with biological health hazards, like mold, diseases, toxic gas or waste, etc.

Nuclear-type (Éthermon-exclusive type)
Powers: Use of harmful chemicals, and reacting with other nuclear substances, creating deadly explosions.
In nature: Nuclear-types have a chance to appear by mechanical structures, or environments with biological health hazards, like diseases, toxic gas or waste, etc.

Star-type (Éthermon-exclusive type)
Powers: Use of the strong solar energy produced by the stars.
In nature: Star-types, of course, may appear around nearby stars, or elsewhere in space.

Cure-type (Éthermon-exclusive type)
Powers: Healing or producing pulses of pain in other organisms, or use of a special pink magic.
In nature: Cure-type habitats are still unspecified.

Axon-type (Éthermon-exclusive type)
Powers: Producing jolts of pain in other organisms, or controlling their blood/intenstines.
In nature: Axon-type habitats are still unspecified.

Illusion-type (Éthermon-exclusive type)
Powers: Teleportation, vanishing, and modification of the vision/hearing of other organisms.
In nature: Illusion-type habitats are still unspecified.

Alien-type (Éthermon-exclusive type)
Powers: Use of harmful acids or plasma present within the depths of space.
In nature: Alien-types might be found somewhere in the midst of outer space, or on inactive, faraway planets.

Beast-type (Éthermon-exclusive type)
Powers: Destructive attacks from mutilation, to burning things, to causing natural disasters.
In nature: Beast-types might be found somewhere in the midst of outer space, or on inactive, faraway planets.
Loading... Artworks Pt. 1
For those who don't know, I have a account, and I'm uploading stuff for all of my characters there ! ^o^
I'll also be uploading the main artworks here too ;w;;

Shyamina, Florence, Kaitlyn, Lucia and Enzyme (c) LuckyMintPop
Fairy Trials - Celina
Sorry for the delay on this one ! ;v;; I am now fully motivated again
Have a sweet Shaymin !! ^w^

Celina (c) LuckyMintPop and Carol2015


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